Hilarious dating stories

So when I pulled up and there he was, staring with those blue eyes straight into my windshield I was pleasantly surprised. And then he turned his head…I got the side profile view. I too have stopped trying the online dating thing but I just wasn't getting the response I had hoped for and it was really hard on the old ego.

Here on WORST DATE EVER, we guarantee that no matter how bad your date was, we've got a few stories on our site that could make your bad date seem like a dream come true.My date met me at my apartment and as soon as we stepped onto the gravel, I fell face first.Not how I imagined starting the date.” –Paris London, Westchester Community College “My freshman year, I went to my school’s Greek houses to celebrate Halloween and after [some] jungle [juice] I was completely wrecked.1.) Was matched to guy on e-harmony who was a right wing neo-con. I thought I’d give him a shot considering that I should be open minded about my world view.We did have an interesting political conversation, both of us remained reasonable and open minded.

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