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Now, for the first time since its release, the national #1 bestseller has been expanded with new content and updated for new readers.Honest and practical, it challenges cultural assumptions about relationships and provides solid, biblical alternatives to society's norm.Whether the book’s claims are right, wrong, or somewhere in the middle, in many evangelical cultures the book became a near-mandate for “healthy” Christian relationships, where it was either said or implied that if you followed the right rules you’d meet the love of your life and have great marital sex forever. “I couldn’t just write them off as angry trolls, because these were my friends, and so I listened.And then one day, on Twitter of all places, this woman wrote me and said ‘your book was used against me like a weapon.’ I answered and said ‘I’m so sorry.’“It was such a simple, human interaction, but that interaction led to a conversation which led to a friendship, and that friendship changed me.In my experience, marriage allows you to explore, study, and tackle the world as much as singleness does, but all of this is with someone that you can gain more appreciation of what you are viewing!Harris shows us, through this view of singleness that maybe his view of marriage is coloring his view of dating.” Many pastors lie awake at night worried about staffing choices, building campaigns, and pastoral care conversations, and what would happen if they guide people the wrong way.

He writes that, "Until you realize God's gift of your singleness, you'll probably miss out on the incredible opportunities it holds.

Now, having shared my biggest problems with this book, I should point out that Harris does have some good points about our attitude of dating.

His points on several common-sense dating principles such as making your parents your teammates, and setting guidelines based upon your personal history and convictions, etc. These principles, although already pretty generally known, are what I'm guessing so many people who have liked the book focus on. In a book written to a culture which practiced arranged marriages, dating didn't exist, and so the Bible doesn't cover it. Keep your money that you spend on this and go to a friend, a parent, a pastor, or a therapist and ask their advice, because the information that they would give to you has a higher logic/sentence ratio than this book does.

I wish these were just theoretical questions, but they’re very real for me right now and I’m wrestling with them in a very public way.”, selfishness, broken hearts, and divorce.

Because of that, Harris’s book pretty strongly suggests the only Biblical way to “date” is through courtship. “A lot of [my classmates] shared stories of the effect my book had, and a lot of them were negative,” Harris remembers.

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