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The next class of song is "swagger." These pump-up songs all have pride-centered lyrics that build up confidence. This music is exactly what it sounds like; what you listen to before a fight.

Looking for some easy classical piano songs to add to your repertoire? While mastering the works of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven might sound intimidating, there are a number of easy classical piano songs that you can learn.

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There are many great themes from this work to which you can learn the melody and rhythm. Don’t feel intimated or overwhelmed by classical music – just start with these easy classical piano songs for beginners. M in Vocal performance and currently performs/teaches all styles of music including Musical Theater, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, and Country.

With this in mind, here are some of our favourites along with a small description of why they would work so well.

Goosebumps because: Look at this entrance from the players at Virginia Tech. When you hear it: You probably won't hear anything because the crowd will be so loud.

A description for artists and their music who make no concessions for their art.

Intimidating music can be daunting but approaching art on an artists terms is usually rewarded in a way non intimidating music cannot.

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