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The desperation of poverty is driving women to sell their bodies to make some money.He saw prostitutes in hotels and elsewhere who charged only .So the people believe intelligence agents are everywhere.In contrast to Syria’s Mahabharata, the Iranian intelligence operation is far more sophisticated.The money is crap.” He said that for foreigners, money goes very far because things are cheap. “They said, ‘The situation is very bad.’ They said, ‘Look across the border in Iraq, look at Europe, we don’t have freedom here, we don’t have Facebook.’”To combat the government-imposed censorship, which is thought to restrict up to 25% of the sites on the Internet, people use VPNs (virtual private network) to access popular sites and apps. “If you get caught you get in trouble.” Because of informants, the public is afraid to speak to outsiders and constantly concerned about intelligence agents.

Now the Iranian satellite TV channels are showing the protesters burning schools and buildings.“I asked the people what they thought,” he recalled.Overall, he felt, “They were mad at the government and hungry.Helobi described a seeming lawlessness when it comes to other aspects as well. Despite this, “You can find drugs but not alcohol,” he says.He also says he found a surprising amount of prostitution.

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