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He was once stationed with the RAF in Cyprus then eventually transferred to Geilenkirchen, Germany around 1967 - 1968. The daughter Maureen probably married so now has a different surname but there is also a son, Maureen's younger brother, Robert.If anyone can help in tracing this family I would be most grateful.Best regards, Tracy Quinnell 23 Dempster Place, Leneva Vic 3691 Mobile 0417 661 692 [email protected] Anderson My father (Nigel Ashworth/Ashpole) flew Tornado with Nav Bobby Anderson 1983-1986, and hasn't been in contact for years, but always recalls stories of their antics.

This episode is about the impact of this on one base but also about waiting for a war that, if it comes, may be decided by actions taken in its first few minutes.

His girlfriend (my husbands mother) Bozenna Nagadowska was pregnant My husband is born shortly after this accident and never saw his father again because of the travel restrictions and the iron curtains period.

We know his father was married in England and has 5 children.

I am desperate to find this man or any of his family. Kim Jones SAC David Stevens SAC David Stevens ex RAF...

I believe he was stationed at Honington in Suffolk.

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