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Underneath their names is the place and year that the crime took place. The reason why you also find the wrongfully convicted in the database is simple: when the exonerated is taken out of the equation we are left with a cold case.The link in the middle column takes you to an overview of all the posts where this case is mentioned. Many wrongful convictions were based on false confessions.Ferrengburg told police that he did return to the club but that he could not find the girls.Kristy's 1977 maroon and white AMC Pacer was found abandoned approx. On 21 June 2007, shortly after Jacques Chirac handed over power to Nicolas Sarkozy, the Paris Public Prosecutor met with Boulin's daughter, Fabienne Burgeat, and announced that he was considering re-opening the investigation as "new evidence" had come to light.On March 18, 1976, a Butler County road maintenance worker discovered Julie’s nude and decomposed remains. The autopsy established her death was caused by strangulation. With the M-Vac, investigators collected enough touch DNA from that rock to generate a full profile. Pc Blakelock and his colleague Pc Richard Coombes were attacked during the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham, 1985. In Dec 2017, police announced that Mitchell Lynn Bacom (63), an original suspect in the case, was charged with murdering Suzanne Bombardier.Joseph Michael Simpson was charged in Wasatch County’s 4th District Court with first-degree felony aggravated murder. He was held on charges of murder, kidnapping, rape and oral copulation. He also waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 60 days, meaning that it will probably be months before a judge makes a determination about whether or not to order him to stand trial.Despite a brief surge in media attention in 2010, the case remains unsolved.The file, though dusty, is still classed as open by Merseyside Police.

Jennifer’s case is often linked to the Michella Welch murder. In March 2016, Tacoma Police revealed that two different men are responsible for the girls' murders. All the witnesses said the same thing: they heard several shots but nobody saw the actually shooting that took place on Dec 21, 1986, in Champaign, Illinois. Their disappearance is to this day Australia’s best known cold case. On several occasions, police excavated an area behind the Castalloy factory but found no traces of the three missing children. The Bennett Family murder is connected to a string of hammer murders in Aurora, Colorado.

According to SF Gate, Bacom had shown interest in Suzanne’s sister, Stephanie. On the night Suzanne disappeared, Bacom and Stephanie had plans to meet but she blew him off. Since the case is eligible for the death penalty, no bail was set. On Feb 2, 1980, Kristy (19) was last seen inside the Dimensions Nightclub in Midland (Texas) where she was spending the evening with friends.

According to police, Ron Ferrengburg (now deceased) gave Kristy and one of her girlfriends a ride to the club.

If you send me images or newspaper clippings I assume I may use them on my blog. After September 9, 1986, Tracy Allen (18) went missing. Tracy doesn't have a good digital footprint so please share her case on social media. Anita Elizabeth Andrews' body was found in the stock room of the Fagiani Cocktail Lounge in July 1974. And what is there, gives us conflicting information.

If that was not your intention, please say so in your email. Thank you very much for using my blog as a resource for information. The only thing I ask is that if you use it, refer to my blog with a link. On Nov 28, 1969 Betsy Aardsma was stabbed in the heart and died in what is known as the "Stacks" area of the Pattee Library at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. She was found on September 13 near Hondo Creek, Texas. Her murder remained unsolved for decades until police found DNA evidence that linked Roy Melanson to the crime scene. We will need a lot more information to solve the murder of Walter Harrison Arnold, Sr.

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