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Your son's voice is loudest, so naturally you summon him to the den.You're not simply suggesting that the brother love his sister; you're demanding it. And while doing so, he surrounds the commandment with seemingly extraneous information. 2) The same verse in the Bible that obligates us to love one another also says: "Don't take revenge and don't bear a grudge." What does taking revenge or bearing a grudge have to do with loving your neighbor? God instructs, indeed commands us, to love each other.To attain the feeling of love, the Bible obligates us to focus on another person's virtues. And the more intimately we know someone and his virtues, the deeper our love will become. It deludes us into believing that love is a mystical "happening." You don't work on loving people. In Western consciousness, love is a stroke of "fate." There's no rhyme or reason. Love is not based on commitment or on any deep understanding of the person that you love.Western culture, on the other hand is heavily influenced by secular ideologies, in this case, the Greek concept of love – Cupid. Cupid flits around with his wings, shoots a man and a woman with an arrow, and – presto! In Greek style/American style love, two people "fall" in love and get married.Between brothers and sisters, love is not something that's just preferable; it's something we expect.Nothing in the world should get in the way of their love.

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'" "Well, occasionally, it did happen, I'm only human." "Do you still love your kids? Despite everything you've ever seen, felt, heard, or believed about the splendor, allure, fascination, and magic of love – bottom line is – it's an obligation. The fact that Judaism sees love as an obligation does not mean that it has no magic, allure, or fascination. Love has an infinite amount of intrigue and power, but primarily it is an obligation.Read it again and see if you are bothered by the same perplexities that trouble us. " The Bible never uses extra words, so what is the phrase "as yourself" coming to add?The Jewish outlook, on the other hand, is that love is based upon the understanding and appreciation of another's virtues.When people are truly committed to focusing on each other's virtues, they won't "fall" out of love.

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