Marilyn quayle dating

President-elect George Bush and his wife, Barbara, raised 7,000 in a similar manner for renovating the mansion in 1981.

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John Regan.''It's a little bit of good luck, let's say superstition,'' Quayle said. ''Quayle said the tradition began in 1976, his first year of campaigning, when he found himself with little to do as he waited for the returns to come in, and he visited Regan for a cleaning.

8, announced Monday that he would step down as Indiana's senator prior to Jan.

3 to give Republican incumbent Orr -- rather than incoming Democrat Evan Bayh -- the opportunity to appoint a successor. Dan Quayle had his teeth cleaned Tuesday, in anticipation of Inauguration Day.

He will get a pay boost to 5,000 if a proposed raise clears Congress. In a statement released Friday by the vice president-elect's transition office, Mrs. Robert Orr that she is not interested in succeeding her husband.

MARILYN QUAYLE, wife of Vice President-elect Dan Quayle, removed herself from the list of possible candidates to fill her husband's U. Quayle, who was elected to the vice presidency Nov.

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