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Don’t expect these phenomena or look for them, and don’t worry about them.

Simply follow nature and let it happen, and continue your practice.

To reach this stage, your body must be in deep relaxation, where breathing and heartbeat slow down to the minimum, and your mind is extremely calm and peaceful.

You may suddenly feel your physical body disappear and blend with the surrounding Qi.

This is very comfortable, but don’t be distracted by it.

Be aware of what is happening, but don’t pay attention to it.

You have feelings and visions, which cannot be experienced when you are not in meditation.Information about the course dates and how to apply can be found on the Courses page.Please visit us again for updated information or write to Courses are run solely on a donation basis.The Chinese call them Qi scenery or Qi view (Jing Qi), and when you reach this point, it is called enter the scenery (Ru Jing).Don’t expect to experience all of these sensations, as they depend on the individual, the time of day, how deep you are in meditation, and even the environment in which you are sitting.

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