Mentally dating frank iero

They know what's going on but they need someone to come forward.

Everyone is too afraid to and we're all trapped here." Ray said looking at the board on the table."After all these years and being probably the most sane, my brother's seen what Korse does to her." Mikey looked up.

The guy was mumbling to himself as they walked up."Frank I would like to introduce you to Ray." Korse said stopping. Introduce him to your…." Korse glared over at the couch where the two guys sat. Ray chuckled."Let me tell you how things work around here." Ray said sitting back with a smile. The shorter one pulled a six shooter gun from his pocket and started spinning the barrel. The frizzy hair didn't help his case."What did you do? Ray smirked."I was drafted for the war about two years ago. It popped loudly and was quickly back inside his mouth."My brother? "He'd be right behind you…"There was a strange smacking sound. At first all he saw was white but as he looked up he saw the guy with black hair slamming a pack of cigarettes into the palm of his hand.

Frank Iero has been sent to Desolation Row, an insane asylum for the mentally disturbed. For those of you who just decided to read this and have not ready any previous FF's of mine. Frank winced, getting ready for the pain when a bony gray hand shot up and gripped the officer by the arm."Now, now Officer O'Brian, there is no need for force." Frank looked up to see a tall bald man with beady black eyes. Korse kept his eyes on Frank but extended his hand towards the police."His key? You will be allowed scheduled visitation rights to any friends or families though."Frank cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his shaved head."I don't have any family." He mumbled.

A/N: Hello and welcome to Desolation Row: MCR Asylum. The other cop gripped Frank by the shoulders and pinned him as the other pulled back. Every window from this point on is locked and barred on the outside.

His heart instantly felt cold as his eyes fell upon the iron letters."DESOLATION ROW HOME FOR THE MENTALY DISTURBED."Two tall thin men with black hair and paper white suits emerged from a guard shed. A tall steeple stood in the center with a weathervane sticking out the top. He said nothing as they forced him from the vehicle. A guy with jet black hair sat with his feet hanging off of the arm of a torn up brown couch. Another guy, much thinner with long hair in front of his face and large round glasses, tried to get up to change the station."Hey! " The guy with black hair shouted and tossed a pillow at him.

Looking at the police car they nodded in a robotic unison. The guy with glasses just rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. Frank could feel several other eyes on his back but knew better than to look around."Now Ray, that's now way to start off a friendship. He just likes starting shit with the patients."Frank looked to the guards standing at the door.

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