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Michael Bublé and I are lying on his bed in the rock and roll hotel, the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood. He often cosies up with his grandparents and sings to them when they’re all lounging on one.He is in jeans and a soft grey T-shirt, striped socks, and has pale brown eyes that are not afraid to look at you. He is in part insecure and the rest of him is superbly relaxed.When you want to dance and sing your heart out, just use one of these done-for-you playlists and you’ll be ready to go!We asked our readers and the Divas to give us their all-time favorite love songs and now we’ve got the perfect set of playlists for any couple and any night.He just didn’t like himself very much, and it took the break-up with Blunt to get him to seek help.‘It ended through both of us being young and naïve and making silly mistakes’, he says.‘It was about me looking in the mirror and saying “Michael, wake up”. It was out of insecurity and me worrying what would happen.She's been working hard on her singing career, leaving her reality TV past behind.

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Other artists announced include DNCE supporting Bruno Mars (July 14), and Tom Chaplin of Keane supporting Paul Simon (July 15).The whole ensemble re-creates the 50's vibe whilst flattering Megan's figure - and showing off that tan!Click right now to add the set to your suitcase for only £20!‘I was wrapped up in melancholy because I thought I would never see her again. I was drinking a lot more at the time because that’s how I was dealing with things and the head of the record company said that he would like me to meet the country’s most famous actor and actress and in Luisana walked. I thought this was the worst ever: the girl of my dreams is with her boyfriend.'She didn’t speak English but he did, so we had a long conversation. But I don’t know the feeling of kissing without it being romantic.’ They are thinking of starting a family. My wife is such a planner.’ With thoughts of birth come thoughts of death. It’s not just Ave Maria that’s for his grandpa, it’s everything.By the time I had my third double Scotch I was slurring my words telling him they made such a good couple. The girl was texting her mother saying, “I’ve met Michael Bublé and he is gay …” ‘So then I started to talk to her and asked if I could spend time with her. My mother used to play White Christmas from early October through to December 25. More mature than me, but she likes me to buy her make-up and wrap it individually.’ ‘I’ve been in open relationships.

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