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Yet, these New Zealand lying politicians and corporate criminals are still claiming they will re-enter the mine “only if they can do it safely.” The real truth is they don’t want to ever go into that mine because they know there is enough evidence there to put dozens of people behind bars for life!In the United States earlier in 2010, 29 coal miners were killed at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine in a explosion very similar to Pike.

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Why There Is No Such Thing As 'Safe' Tap Water New Study Provides Further Evidence Of Low IQ In Children Due To Fluoride Exposure Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation Once And For All By Demonstrating Its Neurotoxicity Fluoride Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin In World’s Top Medical Journals & Former EPA Senior Scientist Confirms Fluoride Lowers Children’s IQ Do watch this remarkable video on this news report on TVNZ tonight and note the body-language of PM Jacinca Ardern and Andrew Little.Among the 226 chosen, there is one Yana Toom, an MEP from Estonia, who comes in for a bit of criticism despite her inclusion.“Refused supporting the European Parliament’s first resolution on the Ukraine-Russia conflict in July 2014, and may be pro-Russia to an unknown extent (and, in that case, not necessarily an Open Society).” For anyone who questions whether Open Society works directly against Russian interests, that single line should dispel all doubts.(They are lying, and know it, and have no intention of ever carrying our their claims to approve a Pike River Mine Re-Entry! After the corrupt media has censored Dr Jacob Cohen’s amazing book from the NZ public, and the even more corrupt National Party led by PM John Key has spent tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars covering up the deliberate murder of the 29 miners at Pike River.Now, after 7 years of lies and endless coverup, we now have an even more spurious gang of low-life liars in the form of this new Labour Party – NZ First Party Coalition, Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little – now in the process of committing another million to set up a “PIKE RIVER RECOVERY AGENCY” [supposedly] towards achieving the goal for a manned re-entry to inspect the crime scene in the mine (to fulfil a key part of the Labour-NZ First Coalition Agreement) to make a decision by MARCH 2019! To understand why the 29 Pike River Miners were murdered, read Dr Jacob Cohen’s book, Murder at Pike River Mine – Second Edition – it can be downloaded online! Other reports, of many, on the Internet that haven’t as yet been censored, are here. The John Key Holocaust Rolls On – Covering up the Murder of 29 Men at Pike River. Her Majesty’s Royal Commission in collusion with the NZ Government has embargoed all of the most critical evidence for 75 years, so that the families or anyone else can’t file charges against the government, the bankers, shareholders or executives of Pike River Coal Limited.

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