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You should then see the following - Keep my Files - Saves your personal files and resets Windows to the fresh upgrade version Remove Everything - This will remove everything by completely resetting your Windows and will offer you the screen below to clean out any other drives.

Don't worry too much about doing a complete wipe, just reseting and keeping your personal files should be enough.

Run the WIN10 BG Logon and use the image supplied as your new lock screen.

Change it from Automatic (Recommended) to Notify to schedule restart.

This will stop Windows from automatically restarting the pc when the updates are downloaded and installed. Do nothing else at this time, other than setting up a backup plan just in case the next step gets difficult.

But before I begin to explain the following steps, I want to warn you that theres a possibility of losing personal files.

Therefore attempt this option at your own risk, you've been warned.

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