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Each one comes out perfectly - I always follow the recommendations in the book.

We have not bought pasta or noodles since we bought this product because it is that simple and quick to use!

Una constante que apreciarás desde el día uno de tu proceso, es el desarrollo que todas tus aptitudes y habilidades relacionadas a la lectura experimentan, un avance gradual con resultados altamente efectivos.

Everything is great, ease of use, result, cleaning. I agree with who said you need 10ml more water (or liquid) I've tried even with 25ml more and the advantaged are that the pasta (even the sheets) come out more moist and compact rather than crumbly, but also that the machine at the end it's easier to clean as the dough is compacted rather than crumbly and floury (I just invented this word) For the lady who can't get the sheet in one piece I wonder if she added eggs to the mix. I always use the plain white flour from Woolworth, and this combination has always yielded great noodles, though I did fail twice in the beginning. Use a 100 ml chemical measuring cup because the amount of water needs to be precise. Add 10 ml more water than recommended by the machine. It’s a lot quicker to make pasta with this machine than doing it by hand.

I had to pull the dough out of the Machine and kneed it myself then try to push it through the hole to make the spaghetti.

It's easy to use, and you have to clean a lot of bits but it's not too awful. But I'm disappointed with the pasta thickness. We're sorry to hear it is not entirely what you expected, though. read more » Disappointed with Phillips who contacted me to state that "..Philips Kitchen Appliances' product has failed to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the promotion." Despite the product still being offered through Harvey Norman with cash back offer.

The machine is versatile but it's automated features do not handle well the use of 00 Italian flour, hence dissapointing true fans of pasta. We're sorry to hear you're disappointed about your Pasta Maker.

Once I’ve finished cleaning the parts of the pasta machine my pasta is ready to take out of the water. Pasta/noodles must be stirred immediately once placed into the boiling water to keep the strands separated, after that, the occasional stir if needed but as I’m washing up I tend to forget and the pasta/noodles have been fine.

Hi Linisa, thank you for taking the time to review the Avance Collection Pasta maker.

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