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He pulled the panties down over my ass and fingered my hole. "“Yes, Sir,” I mumbled nervously."Good boy," he said as he pulled the panties back over my ass, then giving it a hard whack."Stand up, let me see how you look."I stood before him and noticed his dick was hard through his shorts."Not bad, not bad, turn around," he said in his deep African voice.He finished showering, dried off, wrapped the towel around his large waist and, on the way out, said for me to meet him at his place in an hour.

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My black cock inside you," said Malcolm as he quickly picked up the rhythm.Before I arrived, he sent another text: "Door is open, I'm jacking off to porn.Come in and do your thing." As instructed, I walked in, and before me was the beautiful sight of Malcolm sitting on the couch with his shorts around his ankles, holding his erect cock in his hand."Remove your clothes, boy," he told me before taking a guzzle of his beer.Keeping to the same workout time routine as Malcolm, I waited in the steam room for him to finish his workout.His racquetball partner was not there so he arrived in the steam room much earlier than normal.

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