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And I am sure they will all enjoy her role as Nam Da Jung. she did ok, although her acting in YAM is much better.. watched some episodes but didn't bother to follow all throughout because I was very busy when it was aired in my country...

Yoon A, Lee Bum Soo, Yoon Si Yoon, Chae Jung Ah, and the full cast of Prime Minister and I, Hwaiting!!! Love Rain didn't do good in the rating in korea,which I really don't understand, the plot was beautiful, cinematography was perfectly done.. She has both of Hyoyeon's power and Yuri's sexiness and to add to that sooyoung grace when dancing. I HOPE TO SEE YOONA AND TAECYEON TOGETHER IN A DRAMA... You are so very special i hope we will meet and someday when we meet i am ready to die coz"YOU ARE MY ANGEL YOU ARE MY LIFE" but i know it is only in my dream BY THE WAY i hope again you can try your best to do so many,many movies and keep your good work and my last comment "I CAN SHOUT IN THE WORLD THAT I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH" really really love Yoona!!!

Peace My Love Yoona Unnie 。^‿^。 I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009 and my bias is Yoona. From The K2 to The King in love, it was her best performance. So i can't wait your first historical drama or saeguk drama , And really can't wait SNSD COMEBACK ... Looking forward to watching The God Of War Zhou but really... sooo hot and sexy and stunning and pretty and charming and adorable and funny and cute and amazing and beautiful and gorgeous ............................... yall are just some haters but what can i say haters gon hate.! @hana She doesn't ruin the dramas, her acting's just no very good. However I must admit I m surprised to find out that yoona is a member of a pop group, given her good acting in PM&I, which I m currently watching on KBS.

Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. :) I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009 and my bias is Yoona. From The K2 to The King in love, it was her best performance. Dear Yoong, honestly I knew you much earlier than the other korean actor and actress. words are relatively less seeing your beauty...............: Yoona's new movie's role's name is also Ani ..... you will always have supportive fans like me and others here who are always with you. hope they will remake it but this time longer and the stories of the other characters should have endings too. No need to her acting is 'shit' - like you could do any better. Hwaiting everyone~ After I watched Love Rain, I become a fan of Yoona. Recently there's a news (China web site) reporting that Lee Seung Gi and Jang Guen Suk were fighting because of Yoona. What made PM&I worked was the perfect chemistry between Yoona and Lee Beom Soo, so much so I hardly noticed the age difference (was there any?

Then I confidently answer, my everything As a result, my life has buried itself into music If loving this culture is a sin, I’ll die over a hundred times I’ll be down for your rap I’ll be down for your rhythm It still makes my heart pound It makes me be the real me Yeah I love this (Hip!

) Hip hop has found me Just like a child looks for his mother It came into my life naturally I was just an elementary student back then, I set up my dream then I want a rapstar, as others, I hated living the same, the prematurity of a little kid Even if people hold me down and warn me Hip hop persists in me and completely turns me inside out The young me used to write my 16 bars on the corner of my textbooks Thanks to that, I threw away my secure life and went to a studio in Namsan-dong, Daegu All night, I sharpened my blunt pen tip At the end of my efforts, instead of having a language marks for school I filled up my rhymes, which made my dreams come true Everyone asks me, what is hip hop?

But i dont know why everytime you get new offer drama your character always weak .and weak . Please Yoona unnie i wish if this year you get new offer drama , Take at least 1 week to thinking , learn and understand what character you get !! I've always she's a pretty woman and that the most beautiful member in SNSD way before LR but yeah her acting talent moves me.. You may not be enchanted by her looks but her personality is TRUE GOLD! She has talent, and it looks like more talent than you ^.^! But just know that you also have people out there who will support you, Like me ^^! Yoona is freakin gorgeous, her acting is just perfect! Thank for your suggestion, but I'm fine watching Yoona. I have known a lot of actresses whose are more talented than her, but there something about her that is special.

You and the prime minister and the whole cast performance was excellent acting. Nodame Cantabile is a really big challenge for you, and if you're doing good in that drama, your acting will be recognized. Haters do u have nothing else to do then to insult Yoon A? You are choding funny and sometime immature but I like it I like when your prank with your unnie .

Your performance in Prime Minister & I was excellent. I believe the time slots had a lot to do with the ratings being low. You guys have nothing to judge these idols dealing with hardship with insults. DID YOU KNOW YOONA IS THE IDOL THAT IS THE MOST IDEAL TYPES WITH IDOL BOYS. She deserves it, I'll let you guys hate but you can't just write or say it in public. Even if some people says tat her voice was a bad, i dont care because that truth is she has a soft and sweet voice. She maybe not perfect but i love her because she has good hearted, friendly, joyful and lovable person. And for the haters of yoona unnie, you dont have the rights to insult her so back off!!! and one day I accidental watch your Video with ur member I really like you .

But, when I seen the first couple of episodes of her new drama, "The Prime Minister and I", I thought that this role was made especially for Yoon A. maybe because she got to be paired up with every actors/idols and their fans tend to get jealous? She does not flirt with them and she even acts like a choding! By the way she did won an award for best popular actress but please be reminded that she also won the best new actress award at the same time (there's a difference between the 2).

It matches her dorky and weird personality that shines through often enough for the fans to see and enjoy. Although, cinderella man didn't do well it's not because of yoona's acting...

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