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But now whatever drew you like a moth to a flame is setting off a mini bonfire.

He says young kids don't eat with adults or run around the table. How do you meet in the middle without making your family hate you (and him)? Now he's your fifth child, playing Pokémon GO every day after work, skipping dinner and avoiding all dinner conversation by saying he really has to use the loo. Having kids isn’t a given Medical research says a woman's fertility curve peaks at about 25 years of age. How do you train your mind and body to be happy and positive when you're feeling sad and scared? You might have to live with and take care of your in-laws Many people are marrying later.

Gone are the days when women were shunned for having kids out of wedlock.

Nowadays, if you're happy with your lot, your support teams (family and friends) will say you're in a good place.

How do you maintain your sanity and work on a long distance marriage? Attitudes have changed Generation Strawberry, Y and The Millennials are less likely than older peers to commit legally just because someone got knocked up.

A growing number of ladies now actually go through labour before walking down the aisle.

Singles have a partner wishlist they want to check off - brains, brawn that won't sag, a good job that has higher income earning potential, generosity in wallet and in the bedroom - before entertaining a life with someone else.

She says it's the Asian culture to come together and create festive noise. That means those who marry later become older parents in waiting. That means your own parents and in-laws are likely to be older as well.

Challenges in conception, especially when one or both have "happy work stress," is very real. If you signed up expecting not to live with your in-laws, you might have to reconsider your stance.

Not doing homework, always on You Tube, hating greens, having "stuck poop" four times a week all become a parent's worst nightmare when it's put on repeat.

If your kid has mild or more serious learning challenges, your load just quadrupled.

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