Patti stanger online dating profile tips

“He’s from Orange County and drove to see me every single week.Truthfully, I never would have met him had I not decided to date outside of my region.” “It’s not really a Dade or Broward thing,” says Stanger, who graduated from the University of Miami and lived in Hollywood for a time.

Her close friend, Amy Ballon, with Hemispheres Sales Group, does the marketing for the 72-unit property.

“They just discount one small fragment of a profile. We’re talking, ‘I want a girl who’s five-foot-four, not five-foot-two.’ It’s stupid, ridiculous things.” The second issue is men are letting their fingers do the talking.

“It’s OK to text her when you’re in a meeting and saying, ‘I’m thinking about you,’ but when it comes to asking her out, you have to call her!

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I’m posting this letter as a “Your Turn,” without commentary from me, but LW asked specifically for guys’ perspective on this question, so while you women are welcome to chime in, I’d love to hear a chorus of men’s voices tell her what’s what.

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