Php updating a static variable

As seen above, the previous "My SQLi Wrapper" behaves exactly like a wrapper for the native My SQLi class that comes bundled with PHP 5.

At this point, the class implements only two methods, its constructor and the public "connect()." The first one accepts an array of input parameters required for connecting to My SQL and selecting a specified database, and the last one performs the actual connection process.

Well-known improvements like member visibility and abstract classes, coupled to a native support for interfaces and exceptions, just to name a few examples, provide developers with a set of powerful characteristics that allow them to build more complete object-oriented web applications.

Best of all, they can do this without needing to appeal to tricky and dirty programming hacks, used pretty frequently in the bad old days of PHP 4.

Regards, VP Hi I am getting the output as Array(0), Array(1) and Array(2). I have enabled the errors and it does not show anything.

In this first part of a four-part series, I show you how the declaration and further use of a single static property inside a My SQL abstraction class can be really useful for turning this class into a Singleton.To learn more about this enhancement, click on the link below and read the following segment.In the previous section, I implemented the first two methods of a basic My SQL driver, whose underlying logic has been hopefully easy for you to grasp.When the function is first called it won't have a value set so it's initialized with the = 0 bit and then incremented on each subsequent call.Note that it doesn't need to be an integer; any type should work just fine.

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