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While this might seem predatory, Sankey believes it’s justified.

Something about the anonymity of the Internet seems to bring out the worst in some men, even if they’re ostensibly trying to get to know you in real life.

"Let's make outlandish inappropriate comments and get more PR and all of a sudden we don't need a marketing budget."Pick-up artists came to prominence after the 2005 release of a non-fiction book chronicling a reporter's journey into the seduction community.

A little while ago, I asked Derek Cajun, Love Systems CEO and top instructor, to put Love Systems to the test online.A good intention, according to Mashiko, is about ensuring "the person is in a better place in their life for having known me than before". Or to put it another way, how can we ever be sure our intentions are only good? In one of Sankey’s videos he casually “negs” a woman before isolating her from her friend. To get a deeper level of rapport with someone you need to have a private conversation, not in front of their friends.” But he concedes there are some techniques he’s left behind."You have to question your tactics many times," says Sankey, the reformed PUA. He moves into a Hollywood mansion with other members of the community - learning at the feet of the master PUAs who go by names like Mystery, Playboy, Papa, Tyler Durden and Herbal.Eventually the mansion disbands, the community breaks apart, and a new company rises from the ashes: Real Social Dynamics, founded by Tyler Durden and Papa."When Neil Strauss's book came out all this stuff was new," says Mashiko.

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