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Learning resources like the Glossary of Poetic Terms and the Learning Lab are extremely well-compiled.

And if you want to enjoy poetry on the go, download the mobile app that’s also well designed.

The simplicity of words are there to be used like weapons, a sword which strikes at the swollen heart with it's sharper edge.

Feelings which need to gently be restrained and at the same time given wings to fly.

is a site for amateur poets and is a community that rewards you with points for participating in the different activities around the site.

So, if you are just starting out with your first work, this site could be worth a look.

It also conducts varied programs that promote appreciation of poetry and budding poets across the American continent. The website launches events like the National Poetry Month; The Online Poetry Classroom is an educational resource for teachers to teach poetry – check out the Great Poems to Teach page; and the Poetry Audio Archive, a collection of nearly 500 recordings dating back to the 1960s, are just some of the stopovers you can make on this site.

As a simple reader, you can browse through the Poems for Every Occasion page.

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The Chicago based organization vigorously aims to promote poetry across the country through public programs and events.The Poetry Archive is just such a collection made up of recordings by poets.You can browse the gallery by the name of the poet, by theme, by title, or by form. Educational resources like lesson plans for teachers, poet bios for students…and more complement your reading. My feelings for you no words can convey, Except for maybe 'Go away" 10. As kids we somehow can rhyme words, and we see the beauty around us with innocent eyes.

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