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I have seen practically every cut and paste introduction to a romance scam that there is. We have found major scam syndicates running and taken them out.

Often, this means that we have wasted a whole year of scam time. When we began the purge we had hardly any attacks, and now we have dozens.

How many scammers profiles have been removed from the Profilelooker dating site since you have taken on your position there?

When you first started removing profiles of scammers from the profile looker site, how many per week were you removing?

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This should pull out those scammers using that address. This is a reflection on the damage and anger we are causing.Welcome Began, you would know me better by a different user name, I have spent some time at the profilelooker site and I have seen the job you have done there, very good work.Profile looker was once very heavily populated by both scammers and baiters, I used to find many scammers there myself with a profile I had there.I dont mean to put you on the spot, but I roughly know some of these answers and I dont think you would you mind sharing the answers to my quesions.

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