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The debt ratios keep rising.”That’s a drawback of Puerto Rico’s limbo status as neither a sovereign nation nor a U. One of them worked fairly well for a couple of decades.Pharmaceutical companies flocked to the island to avail themselves of a federal rule that allowed them to get a tax break on profits.Doctors departed at the rate of more than one a day last year.Stemming the outflow will require a fix for the economy.

Ever since my sister got married at the El Convento Hotel in Puerto Rico, I've been a fan of the island as a top choice for a destination wedding.The incentive was eliminated in 1996, though companies were given a 10-year grace period to move elsewhere.They did, marking the beginning of the island’s slow-motion economic collapse.“Since then, the Puerto Rican government has been improvising, changing laws every two years, and we’ve never replaced it,” said Antonio Fernos Sagebien, an economics professor at the Interamericana University of Puerto Rico in San Juan.Hello, My name is Zuheily and currently began this online search. Humilde, honesta, luchadora, y sobre todo buen sentido del humor.I have never tried such thing but since I go to school and work long hours I really have no time to socialize. Humble, honest, fighter with a great sense of humor.

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