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The Test: If lightweight shoes leave you feeling somewhat vulnerable, the 910v4 is your safe zone.

Moderately thick, muscular, and amply protective, it lends extra oomph on rougher trails and run-to-hike summits.

With its carbon-infused nylon plate running from heel to toe, the Zoom Fly is the stiffest trainer we’ve ever seen, period. We immediately noticed the powerful, propulsive forward spring, lightning-quick turnover, and snappy feel, despite the relatively thick cushioning of the 33-millimeter stack height.

The Zoom Fly—a speed-addicted trainer born out of Nike’s attempt to break the two-hour-marathon mark—was both the most exciting shoe of the year and the most fun.

8 oz (men’s) / 6.4 oz (women’s); 8 mm drop Men's Women's Best For: Cushioning addicts.

The Test: The Clifton got a significant update in its fourth generation.

The Test: The Parkclaw features Gore-Tex’s new Invisible Fit waterproof liner.

The Verdict: Nothing blew us away, but the Revel hovered near the top of our list. 10.4 oz (men’s) / 8.8 oz (women’s); 12 mm drop Men's Women's Best For: Tough terrain.

The new midsole felt radically different as the seasons changed—almost too firm and energetic on crisp mornings, but breadloafy on warmer afternoons.

A few testers sniped at the still too narrow toe box.

It feels like a highly caffeinated ride—an easy grab for fast long-distance training sessions and a no-brainer race-day pick for middle-of-the-packers, who won’t mind the extra foam. 8.8 oz (men’s) / 6.5 oz (women’s); 10 mm drop Men's Women's Best For: Quick training.

The only downside (if you can call it that): you may find yourself running PRs on recovery days. The Test: If it weren’t for a little bit of road slap, we would have had nothing but compliments for the Road Hawk, a new, impressively light, amply cushioned trainer with a socklike fit.

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