Quotes about dating someone new

But when they’re in a dark space, they're unable to see things from your perspective.Trying to show your partner how wrong they are, and that they’re actually incredible, comes from your love for them and your desire to help. It’s painful to watch someone you care about suffer and not be able to help them.It can be bewildering to listen to the person you admire and value most talk about themselves with extreme negativity, and in a way that doesn’t at all align with how you see them.Think about when it might be OK to put yourself first, and make conscious choices to promote more balance in your relationship. Learn how to support your partner in their suffering.One relational need is to care for our partners and to feel good about that care.No one is perfect, so sometimes the person you want to be with happens to have this illness.

You may need to redefine what being helpful to your partner means, and change the way you offer care.To begin creating more balance in your relationship, you must acknowledge that you have needs and at least some of them must be met.Start to notice how much you’re choosing to meet your partner’s needs instead of your own.We put their needs first and forget about ourselves.This is absolutely necessary and appropriate for a while.

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