Radiocarbon dating sample size

We recommend shipping samples to our laboratory via courier services such as Federal Express, UPS, or DHL.

Shipments from outside the US should be labeled “”.

Scientists are beginning to study the possibility of giving patients very small doses of chemotherapy drugs laced with a radioactive tracer. But they are large enough that, when a researcher views the patient’s blood a few hours later using AMS, she can determine whether the drug has successfully bound to DNA, as it is supposed to, or if something in the patient’s biological makeup stopped this binding from taking place.

Clinical trials suggest that in people whose DNA shows large amounts of binding, chemotherapy may turn out to be a good option.

If you have samples with different processing requirements, please use a separate form for each type of processing.

CAMS is one of several dozen labs worldwide that conduct accelerator mass spectrometry, or AMS.

Other patients may be better off undergoing other treatments.

“When most people think about carbon dating, they think about dating objects that are thousands of years old,” says Bench.

Samples should contain at least one milligram of carbon after pretreatment.

Standard pretreatment procedures typically remove about half of the original sample material.

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