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We did lectures on every aspect of fire-fighting, use of vehicles, compressed air breathing apparatus and, amazingly, marshalling of aircraft by the simple but effective means of one member of the course doing the marshalling while the others pushed an ancient Vampire aircraft around according to the direction given.

The club made Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, an honorary member during his visit to Edinburgh in 1972.The Royal Air Forces Edinburgh Club in Hillside Crescent – once visited by legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong – closed its doors for the final time at the end of last month after 81 years.Now some members want the profits from the sale to be donated to good causes.“They’ve sold the building and they should give the money to veterans charities,” said club member Colin Steedman, 55, from Leith.Training complete, the day came when the first posting to an operational RAF Station was to be advised.So the whole course, all eight of us, trooped down to the Orderly Room, to hear that six of us were going to RAF Eastleigh, near Nairobi in Kenya.

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