Reciprical dating

What if practitioners, schools, organizations, regulators, and credentialing agencies saved the energy and money that went to filing lawsuits against PT’s, (and having to defend ourselves when we are sued in return), establishing new degrees, and changing state regulations to require more training and exams?

What if, instead, they identified the minimal standard necessary to practice safely and effectively and committed to work, state by state, to establish that standard as sufficient for licensure?

Once the initial romantic blowtorch begins to cool, each partner's negative submerged characteristics become visible (typically after two or three months of dating regularly). Partners are usually evenly matched on emotional and psychological maturity in high-chemistry relationships - for better or worse.

The negative features will often be closely related to the positive qualities that initially attracted you. Now partners look at each other and wonder what they could possibly have been thinking when they were so infatuated. The greater the maturity, the greater the proportion of healthy positive attractors there will be.

The love that did come from those figures went hand-in-hand with deprivations so love and negative characteristics end up getting fused in emotional memories.

This person then unconsciously chooses a romantic partner who is best suited to re-enact those specific deprivations - and turn on feelings of love that are also bound to them.

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Instead, we advocate living in balance with our environment to develop a strong, self-reliant, vessel.We could ensure the public can access Acupuncturists when they want acupuncture.We’ve spent enough on the antibiotics of legal action and the miracle cures of being Doctors and pursuing third-party payment.What if we took as a guiding principle and goal that an acupuncture license in one state, and a history of safe practice, should be sufficient for licensure in any state? PT’s, Nurses, and MD’s are all working to make it easier for practitioners to relocate.Even lawyers can be “waived” into a state based on prior experience.

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