Rozonda thomas dating history

Jeff tells Patti his celebrity crush is Jessica Biel, and that he’d like to a meet a woman who’s interested in charity work. Maybe he’s just nervous, but he seems a little boring.

“I feel like Jeff is on autopilot, like he was trained by his mother to say the right things, but does he really mean it? “We’ll see.” Anyway, Patti thinks Jeff needs some tweaking in the dating department, so she calls in John Salley, a former NBA player who’s apparently also a “wellness advocate,” which sounds like a totally-not-made-up job title.

In late 2011, VH1 announced the development of a biopic on TLC that was set to air in 2013.

Thomas and Watkins signed on as producers and actress and singer Keke Palmer was cast to portray Thomas in the film.

It was once rumored to include work by Missy Elliott, as well as tracks produced by T-Pain and Tricky Stewart. A track titled "Gameproof" that featured TLC member T-Boz was leaked in spring 2006 and on February 16, 2007, a track called "Straight Jack" featuring Missy Elliott and produced by Polow da Don was leaked. In early April 2008, Chilli released her first solo single "Dumb Dumb Dumb", but after that, no further singles were announced or leaked.

Jeff is super boring, Patti’s getting frustrated because he’s so passive. ), and the kids say it means he has a crush on her. Though Chilli doesn’t really have feelings for Felix, Patti says it’s okay, because at least she’s more committed to dating now, and willing to open up. Speaking of which, anyone want to check out one of their concerts?

Will this entire episode be a promo for Chilli’s dwindling music career? On to our second millionaire, 38-year-old Jeff Ogden.

At first I don’t recognize this C-list celeb, I think maybe they’ve incorporated some regular millionaires onto the show, but then I realize the only reason I’ve never seen him before is that he’s a ~sports~ person—a former NFL player, to be exact. I hate to be the one to break it to ya, Jeff, but YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

In case you were interested, here is an actual excerpt from John Salley’s personal website:“Most can achieve a goal and be pleasantly satisfied with their results but to continually create new tasks to accomplish and to reinvent yourself is the mark of a versatile and motivated individual.

It is the definition of father, athlete, actor, entrepreneur, talk show host, philanthropist, wellness advocate, vegan and champion: John Salley.”None of that implies he knows anything about dating, but that’s okay!

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