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(Though I hadn't meant to suggest it happened because he is gay any less than it happened because he's a 19 yo student and I don't think people would draw that conclusion from reading the article) This is unacceptable.

There’s absolutely no reason to treat someone living with HIV who wants a tattoo any differently.

Daarom bespraken politici woensdag de #Monitor Brede Welvaart van het @statistiekcbs. Op het Agripark in Dronten worden studenten opgeleid tot biologisch-dynamisch boer.

Ze doen veel ­samen: wonen, les volgen, met ­dieren werken en koken.

"There are no documented cases of HIV transmission due to tattooing," says our medical director @drmbrady to @Pink News. I mean I dispute all of those to diff degrees (well apart from the first lol) but I'm referring specifically to his handling of the global financial crisis - no-one bar Kevin Rudd was as quick off the mark or as effective on the intl stage One mother's flat was so small and cramped, her baby could not even learn to walk says @Siobhain_MP - who warns the Connect House is an accident waiting to happen All while the landlord charges councils more than other tenants and makes millions This is shocking by @theywoodwright: the owner of a housing development described as 'a damp overcrowded hell hole' has made £2.5 million profit in just a year - partly by charging councils 40% more for temporary accommodation than private tenants uk/connect-house-…

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Volgens het bedrijf Microsoft is dit ‘biometrisch authenticeren’ de toekomst. ZNd Nm De Tweede Kamer wil dat ook 'zachtere waarden' aandacht krijgen in het debat.

My hunch though is that shame may be playing a major role here.

Shame is an emotional state that we don't talk about much but ought to because it can be utterly debilitating.

I've had therapists in the past for different things and it's so important to get one who gets you. There's no compulsion to be in a relationship but let's aim towards you claiming the right to feel good about your own body and your sexuality. I'm not sure what the nature of your surgeries was or the reason for needing them nor what age you were so I can only write generally and please tell me more if what I say doesn't quite fit you.

Surgery can be traumatising depending on how well you were prepared for it, how each operation and recovery went and what stories you were told about your body and the need for surgery.

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