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Your town is as specific as you need to be, as are your sexual preferences (but keep it clean!) Step #4 – The ins and outs of lurking “Lurk” before you leap.public int convert File(String csv File Name, String xml File Name, String delimiter) { int rows Count = -1; try { Document new Doc = dom Document(); // Root element Element root Element = new Doc.create Element("XMLCreators"); new Doc.append Child(root Element); // Read csv file Buffered Reader csv Reader; csv Reader = new Buffered Reader(new File Reader(csv File Name)); int field Count = 0; String[] csv Fields = null; String[] csv Values = null; // Assumes the first line in CSV file is column/field names // The column names are used to name the elements in the XML file, // avoid the use of Space or other characters not suitable for XML element // naming String cur Line = csv Line(); if (cur Line != null) // At this point the coulmns are known, now read data by lines int i =0; while ((cur Line = csv Line()) !If you wouldn’t do it in real life, don’t do it on the internet. Although the internet is less formal than other forms of written communication the same grammatical rules apply.

UPDATED Let's start with the fact that the file you're presented isn't a CSV (Comma separated value) file and I'll let you worry about that problem...

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