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I have seen girls ask for money to be wired, or sent via western union, and know one girl that would accept money orders sent through the mail.

You can have your own web site and promote yourself through various social media, gain fans and all that.The fastest way to get paid the most at first is to sign up with the big portals that already have lots of customers, advertising and payment processing.(click here to jump down the page to our top 3 paying video chat portals below) I generally suggest signing up with the major portals to get things moving quickly, and also get your own web site so you can capture bigger money from regulars as time goes on.Some advertise that they pay the girls 50% of the money and do it fast.I would expect the average to be closer to one third – so if a customer if tipping you in a show, you may only get of that if other affiliates and expenses are getting paid.

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    You will have plenty of choice in terms of which chat rooms to use for your sex talk, as it is a popular service and has been for many years, but you want to make sure you are choosing the best of the best, and that is Adult!

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    Many online dating sites perform pre-screening of members to weed out known offenders and nuisances.

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