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Currently, spring’s clock is irreparably broken, the numbers torn off nature’s clock face and randomly glued back on in no order. For mourning cloaks, chocolate-brown butterflies that hibernate as adults so they emerge to fly on the first warm sunny days of spring.Spring’s parade of life is confused: no one knows when to march. For American toads to hop across Port Royal Avenue on the first warm rainy nights of spring, powered by lust to cross the road to the nearby reservoir park to mate, trilling their love songs.The National Park Service recently examined 276 parks to learn that spring leaf-out, when the majority of buds in a forest have opened and leaves have begun to pop, arrives one week early in Kansas City, two weeks early in Denver, but a full four to five weeks early in the Pacific Northwest.In the Arctic, the epicenter of climate change, spring arrives 16 days earlier than it did only a decade ago.Across the country, from NYC to Chicago to SF, summer festival tickets are on sale now.WW can be a vowel in it W European bridge is high at the start W Pacific republic W ___ (finale of an encyc W's brother W, for one W--THL-SS R-AD-TERW-2 datum: Abbr.

So while the weather is erratic, the trend is clear: Spring inches earlier every year. Spring nor’easters are a hassle for us, but they are potentially fatal to the living things that share our world.

Birds nest and lay eggs counting on finding food to stuff down their nestlings’ throats. For me, inveterate naturalist I am, I walk my center’s forest looking for bloodroot, an early spring wildflower, to blossom.

If flowers cannot find pollinators, if parent birds cannot find the appropriate food, they suffer. For phoebes, flying-insect-eating birds that are among the first returning migrants, to magically appear, singing their throaty call.

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