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Professor Matthew Mc Cartney Douglass tired to reason with Valery, but he was shot four times with one of Valery's other guns and died almost instantly.

Valery then took a security guard and Professor Dr. He called the emergency operator and said he wanted to talk to the media.

The game between Palo Duro High and Hereford High was played as scheduled.

Randy was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and unlawfully carrying a weapon on school grounds.

He made his way to the office of the electrical and computer-engineering chair, Phoivos Ziogas, where he was talking to Otto Schwelb, a colleague.

Valery shot Phoivos, who would die in the hospital a month later.

Unfortunately, he missed the bus that would take him home. He started out as a technician and has a long, documented disruptive behavior against staff members and students.

I really do appreciate the help, for without their help, several of these occurrences would not be here.

She believed Taft was a safer school for him to attend and completed all the necessary paperwork.

His family had moved several times in the past three years and Lamoun's dream was to play professional football. Times - Drawing of Assailant in Youth's Stabbing Released; L. Times - 3 Students Critically Hurt in Shooting Near School Dr. Fabrikant, 52, was a mechanical engineering associate professor who has worked at the university for the past 13 years.

Michael attempted to give Valery a letter detailing how he would be allowed to visit the school in the future.

Valery responded by taking a.38-caliber pistol out of the briefcase and shooting Michael three times, killing him.

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