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One of his former top aides and closest friends, Joseph Percoco, was just convicted on federal corruption charges.It was a major embarrassment for Cuomo, who has long touted himself as an anti-corruption reformer.But Cuomo has some unique baggage, and New York has an odd system of voting that can benefit insurgents like Nixon. Like his father, Andrew Cuomo also has national ambitions, which is really just a way of saying he probably wants to be president.It would be a mistake to say she doesn't have a shot. But Cuomo may be vulnerable to a challenge from his left.People have fantasizes they have always wanted to experiment but never had an opportunity to try them out at home because of family and friends.Cruise Ship Mingle is offering a great discreet platform for people craving to fulfill those fantasies on their Cruise Ship to do exactly that.

He quickly made an alliance with Republicans in the state senate, which controls a majority due to a breakaway group of Democratic lawmakers who Cuomo stayed on good terms with.He is also the assistant superintendent for district operations for the Malverne school district. , a progressive activist who's best known for playing Miranda on "Sex and the City." And while Cuomo is the obvious favorite to win re-election, Nixon has a chance to defeat him. Nixon has never run for office before, and Cuomo has some million in the bank, which is important in a state dominated by the extraordinarily expensive New York State media market. He's the scion of a Democratic political dynasty, his father being Mario Cuomo, a charismatic and crusading liberal who was himself a three-term governor.But, at this stage of the race, polls can be misleading.Everyone in New York knows who Andrew Cuomo is, but Nixon is still relatively unknown, despite her years of political activism.

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