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She landed more contracts than her entire team put together. But now it was time to put all that behind her and settle down for the evening. She let go of my face with a triumphant smile and taunted, “Mmmhmmm, Exactly! ” “No Mistress”, I mumbled, still looking down at the ground. ” he said brightly, “Just so long as we are clear on that. ” Still a bit unbelieving at this turn of events I grabbed my car keys and followed her out the door. ” she added with no small amount of disdain in her voice and on her face.She also had extremely large breasts beneath her business suit, and she liked to leave just the top few buttons undone to give just a hint of cleavage. ) Anyway, it shamed me to have to admit this in all candor.She knew very well that her beauty was key to her success in the business world. Lynn knew this and played this to the hilt, seeming to revel in my humiliation. You have no one to blame for this but yourself now, do you? While this was happening, the woman went over to the wine rack. Anyway, we have been together and playing for awhile. There were several loud cracking sounds as Roger’s head hit the floor. Such is the lot of a truly submissive cuckold I guess… None were quite like Rick, I’m sorry – Master Rick – as I am forced to refer to Him. And to be quite honest, for reasons which should be apparent from Her story and many others, He really does intimidate the hell out of me.

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He lay his head down in a pool of blood, in the darkness, alone.

And the driving force, or so I had always thought, before I read her confession, was my submissive ‘slave’ type fantasies. You see, once again we are ‘playing; and my lovely wife is my Mistress.

And we have had many adventures, some one-night-stands, and some very special friends that stayed around a bit longer.

” “Is even that small amount of responsibility too much for you, you pathetic little faggot wimp?! It’s good to be in charge I suppose) 3) I must admit to whatever feeling I had during the story I relate, whether embarrassing, humiliating or not (Actually I am guessing she means especially if they are embarrassing/humiliating..) Thank God she did not dictate what story I have to relate to you.

And she, believing turnabout is fair play, has ordered me to share a story with you all, just as she has. 1) I cannot lie or embellish 2) I must use my real name (In her story she used my real name and that of Her Lover’s Rick – though not Hers…

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