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You reflect and revise and delete before you hit send.By its very nature, email gives you the time to make sure your better instincts prevail.Yesterday was winter But not in Camelot There the Cherries blossom Whether it's Spring or not If we're to have an early Spring It's best to happen soon, for Maids and Men to London go To see the new full moon The sky is bright and brilliant Now where has Arthur gone? Family and friends gathered there In dark suits and somber dresses. We golf together, you see, And I thought that was the place to be. I like those things, too, I thought, But I'm no saint. I look for names I may have known And ages I may have passed.To find a gallant hero Knight Who's Jousting with a Swan I will go to London To see the County Fair, I'll sing and dance and side saddle ride And wait for Arthur there It's only spring when Arthur comes So I'll wait a day or two Then, I'll have to ride back home again To Wintertime, Realty, and you Why now why now you say Because, El Nino is here Mixing all the seasons up So, Who knows what season's where This poem won the Nature Poetry category. Hopkins I went to my friend's father's funeral the other day. Time goes by so fast I wonder what it's like to be alive at 95.Adorning fields in colorful array Dancing, when prodded by a gentle breeze In fields filled with flowers that bloom in May Like shards of broken rainbows, flowers lay, Scattered from the fields to the distant seas There is a symphony of hues that sway.And there, in all resplendent dress they play Urged by an unseen muse they seem to tease In fields filled with flowers that bloom in May Flowery wiles and seductive display Dare to enchant an audience of bees There is a symphony of hues that sway.The older man says Life is Short But on one thing we'll both agree In a short time, when it's my time To go - We will be leaving here together "This Little Boy and Me" This poem won the Poetry of Loss category.Winter Whimsy By Pauline Neglia The Forsythia's a blooming The Ladybug's a float The Dragon is a stirring Down in the Castle Moat The Robins came back early They're looking for a worm That's hidden under snow banks When will those Robins learn? They say he looked good at the wake But it was plain to see that he was dead. My friend said I didn't have to go And I know I didn't, but I did. He spoke of him as a saint, a beacon of light, A man who loved his ravioli, the horses and the Mets.

An honorable, God-fearing gentleman, Full of reverence at worship. The Snow Fleas By Susan Bradley The snow falls softly,touching every bough with graceful elegance.Immigrant child - daring to trust, American woman fulfiller of dreams. This is a battle you can't win - But you're really not losing that hair It's landing on your chin! Ringing in your ears drive you crazy I'll tell you how to master it - When the ringing gets too much to bear - Just don't answer it - IV. This is not hard to figure When buying your next pair of shoes Just get 2 sizes bigger! Lines and wrinkles troubling you They really don't look nice - When looking in the mirror Don't open up the lights! See - there's an answer to everything If my advice is heeded - And it won't cost you a blessed cent Cause there's no prescription needed!Cast aside languages, tenets, cuisine, Sterile perfumes supplant nostalgic smells. I'll help you over this hurdle - Next time you're at the mall Just buy a tighter girdle! This poem won first place in the Humorous Poetry category. Once sent, no matter how assumedly disposable, emails live on.(Just ask some of the Sony executives who realized their theoretically private comments were anything but.) That's why you take care.

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