Leave the TV off, the phones on silent and make the night about rekindling your passion. Rock Out With Your Bach Out - Dinner and a movie is a cliche for a reason.Show your significant other how significant they really are by breaking out your blazer and classing it up at the symphony.Pro-tip: Keep your competitive nature in check and let your partner win a few games if they’re not as Mario-savvy.

Stealing a kiss under the stars while you stoke the fires (literally and figuratively) will build a lasting memory. Dinner At a Chic Ethnic Restaurant - The beauty of taking a date to eat Ethiopian or Indian food is three-fold.Last but not least, in smaller towns, places that serve Thai or Mediterranean grub may be the best options if you or your date are trying to stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and the spices that most of these chefs cook with will take the chill off of the coldest winter nights. Catching a Film (Not a “Movie”) at the Local Art House Cinema - Leave the popcorn blockbusters for the classless masses, and treat your date to an evening of unpretentious intelligentsia.Even if neither of you gravitate toward indie films by nature, when the lights dim at the local single screen, you’ll enjoy the sensation of your largest sex organ being massaged -- we’re talking about your brain, of course. A Group Date With Your Lover’s BFFs - If your goal is to clock some alone time with your sweetie, this might not be the way to go, but never underestimate the sexiness of letting your boo show you off to their inner circle of friends.Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to focus on keeping the spark between you and your lover burning bright.Fortunately for you sir, we’ve compiled a list of classy date night ideas for at a variety of price points to help keep your passion burning bright into the cold, bleak weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day (or, as your wacky aunt refers to it, the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey). Movie Night at the Crib - Let’s start with the obvious.

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