Shaquille oneal dating

The rumors had that their relationships are strong and that they are perfect together, but it is talked that their relationship has ended when they made a public argue in front of several children in gymnastic training center in Orlando Florida.

The gossip has it that Shaquille decided to end it after this fight because he simply got tired of it.

Let start this piece of writing with current dating status of great basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who is also known as Shaq.

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Their relationship has been difficult going on and off and having good times and bad also, but they finally decided to call it quits.

He has done couple of blockbuster movies and TV that affects his income immensely.

He has earned from video games too and can be seen on advertising campaigns.

He is 7’1 feet tall and she only reaches 5’2 feet, good thing that there are high heels for woman, so she could reduce their highs difference although just a little.

The couple used to live together and spend their time together; she was fateful to him and moved wherever he had to move, because of his carrier as a basketball player.

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