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He looked like he smoked one too many bong hits and was a total metalhead, so I called him Pantera. [Strokes drummer] Fab [Moretti] and I were roommates in L. But then I realized maybe I could bring the Strokes to me! There was a cult in Australia and all of the children had blonde bobs. The “Bring Night” video is going to be like that Jack Nicholson movie with the kid riding down the big hallway on his bicycle…. You helped Christina Aguilera with her new album, Bionic. When we were doing the vocal production, every take was sick.

I’m a fan of the Strokes, so my big fantasy was that one day I would get to sing with them. Seriously, I was trying to write a song that might get pitched for a girly movie. There’s “Bring Night,” which I’m going to make a great video for with a bunch of small blonde children. [Laughs] I’m just cashing in on the whole Twilight thing. She’s a perfectionist and she totally scrambled my mind.

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Sia penned her second studio album in 2001, Healing Is Difficult, featuring a track of the same name which was written about her struggles to overcome Dan's death.

After doing bigger bus tours with Le Tigre and even working with pop star Aguilera, being in the van keeps her grounded. I totally started to miss this way of touring, being in control of your own s–t. “Sia worked with Christina before we did, she just reminded her that Le Tigre existed and [Aguilera] was like ‘I love them…that’s perfect, that’s exactly what I want,’” JD said.

It’s fun and I’m glad I get a chance to do that again.” Though JD has been busy with MEN, the Aguilera collaboration was an exciting opportunity for her and the rest of Le Tigre to do some work together again, thanks to JD’s girlfriend and former Zero 7 singer, Sia, who had been working with Aguilera in L. “I have to thank Sia for that.” Aguilera’s album also features collaborations with Goldfrapp and Ladytron and is due out in September.

“[Playing a lot live] helps us to change the songs, feel what works or what doesn’t.” The touring has also brought JD back to her roots. It’s really humbling and nice for me to go back to this. But I grew up wearing fingerless gloves because of her. I had the genius of Nick Valensi from the Strokes playing the guitar, and then the rest of my band, who are all geniuses. Pantera is credited with backing vocals on your last album. Forget the emotional, empowering ballads — Sia Furler wants to dance, dammit. This is fun.’ It was time for me to make a really shallow pop album.” The dance-y sound is an all-new direction for the Aussie songstress, who became synonymous with down-tempo music as the coo behind electro-soul pioneers Zero 7, and later with her budding solo career, which peaked with 2008’s moody Some People Have Real Problems. You put my song on your i Tunes playlist and I wanted to say thanks. But if she tried on the jeans I’ve come pretty close to her bum! We recorded it all in Los Angeles in the only studio that we could find that would let my dogs hang out. And she’s finally doing just that with her upcoming release, We Are Born, out this spring. Speaking to SPIN from her New York City loft, Sia dishes on her upbeat sound, her love for Madonna, working on Christina Aguilera’s new album, and her collaborators on We Are Born: Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and her two dogs, Lick Lick and Pantera. I was just reading your Twitter and I understand you’re going to try to insert random words into this interview.[Laughs] I totally blew my own cover! I love you.” And that’s the extent of our relationship. We recorded the whole album in less than two and a half weeks.

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