Soul dating club

This is a small note to thank SEI Club for the great work that they have done. I am very much satisfied with the type of women that I am getting to meet through you. Marriage to Christina has been wonderful, and now that I have a kid, my responsibility has doubled…I love the being a dad.

SEI Club has always been by my side and I continue to recommend you guys to my single friends.

Rachelle was the second woman you matched me with, and she is just about perfect. Until I joined SEI Club, though, I was getting pretty tired of dating.

She’s driven to succeed, just like I am, and we get along perfectly. I kept meeting guys who I had nothing in common with, or finding guys who were never going to be able to be what I’m looking for—a real partner.

I’ve been so impressed with the women SEI Club has matched me with.

From women in their 20s to their 40s, I’ve found gorgeous women who are exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been telling my friends that once you start going on dates with gorgeous, accomplished women, you start feeling like you can do anything.

Guys you will surely get a lot of references from Dona and myself. Engagement will happen soon, and all I can say now is thank you, thank you and thank you…I completely trusted SEI Club for the most significant relationship in my life, and I am extremely happy that the team has not failed me.

I have been dating Pamela for around thirteen months now and have never been happier….

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have met, let alone married, such a great guy. I hope you know how much better you made both of our lives!I have never had as much fun dating as I had at SEI Club. I’m so thankful to my friend who talked me into meeting with the matchmakers at SEI Club.Had I not met Katherine on my fifth date, I would’ve kept meeting matches through you guys because it was fun… I met some great, single men and, after about 7 months, they introduced me to Mike.I love that you match me with people based on things we share, so I always know I’ll have a great time.Most of the guys my age are so immature that I feel like I’m their mom, or even worse, their nanny.

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