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At the top is the Quadriga, a chariot pulled by four horses, all supported by 12 Doric columns forming five passageways.

Recommended tour: Discover Berlin Walking Tour Another landmark that sums up the drama of the 20th century in Berlin is the Reichstag, the meeting place of the German Parliament.

The plan included a new glass dome in which you can look down on the debating chamber and take in Berlin’s cityscape, all while hooked up to an audio-guide.

Beyond providing some respite from the city the Tiergarten is woven with monuments like the Bismarck memorial, and pretty spots like the Luiseninsel and rose garden.

Where the roads converge in the Tiergarten there’s another big photo opportunity.

Available activity: Berlin Reichstag: Rooftop Dinner at the Käfer Restaurant After scurrying around the big-hitting sights and museums the Tiergarten could be a peaceful interlude.

It’s a large belt of thick foliage, coursed by the Landwehr Canal and spreading west from the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag.

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