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"Water Reuse Opportunities with Seattle Steam" [pdf, 14 pgs]Presented by David Easton, Vice President Seattle Steam3.Sustainable Strategies, Green Building Seattle Public Utilities 3rd Annual Southwest Chapter Golf Tournament Mc Cormick Woods Golf Course Come play a round of golf and then join us in the clubhouse for dinner provided by the SW Chapter of WSSHE.L Sorensen For about three weeks now I haven't been able to watch a single show for more than 10-15 minutes without the internet dropping.I was hoping that they would fix it without me having to call in but it didn't happen. The person on the line was pleasant enough and helped, but I was told that the problem will probably return in 30 days and I will have to go through the process again which is disheartening AT BEST because I pay a HEFTY amount per month for JUST internet so it should be reliable ALL THE TIME.Fiber optics is a major player in the Kennewick area, reaching 82% of residents from the Columbia River to Mt. We used to have a lot of problems with our internet service from charter.Finally they came and replaced all of the cable from the box outside clear through the house.

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AM: Golfer Check-In PM: Shotgun StartPM – PM: Awards Dinner per person All gofer names are needed by August 27.They_re largely middle-income and ethnically diverse. Residents appreciate this access since they use their connection to further their careers, education and plan fun activities for off time. LS Networks and XO Communications provide copper wire hook ups.Frontier Fios reaches 100% of residents with DSL connectivity and Charter provides cable internet to every Kennewick resident. LS Networks reaches 99% of businesses with fiber optics and Level 3 Communications reach 1% of Kennewick commercial enterprises.Learn how to participate, what to bring and rules of play!Details WHERE: Hawks Prairie Golf Course, Lacey, WA Information and directions: per person. Dinner will be provided by the SW Chapter of WSSHE.

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