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Other ideas along these lines include attending LGBT film festivals, single parent organizations or meetings, and health-related support groups.Whether as a spectator or a participant, sporting events are also a frequent and commonly-used place to meet singles.The point is this: try not to involve yourself into something so completely that you send off ' I'm busy' vibes.You want to seem approachable, and hiding behind a laptop or book doesn't help!Accept every party, wedding or social networking invitation you are given and attend.Another idea along this same vein would be to host your own party, where each invitee brings a potluck dish and a single friend (of the opposite sex for heterosexuals or same sex for gays and lesbians).For those in smaller communities where the resources may not be as comprehensive, try talking to the owners of local shops you frequent to buy hobby-related materials and ask if they know of others to speak with regarding starting a group, or if you can post notices looking for other interested participants.Another idea would be to contact national organizations overseeing smaller local chapters to see if they are planning any speaking engagements or are looking to start a chapter in your area.

There are even specific volunteer organizations geared only towards singles that you can join, knowing that while you are donating your time to a worthy cause, you'll also be expanding your personal network to include other, like-minded singles also looking for a date There is a reason why the catch-all "public places" ranks last on the list of places to meet people.

If money is an issue, think about taking a class without getting credit or look into how old you have to be to receive free classes, since many universities now offer tuition-free options for seniors.

And while you want to take classes that you have a personal or professional interest in, it never hurts to take something you normally wouldn't - if only because you have a hunch the type of person you are looking to meet would take that kind of class Similar to the hobbies and special interests we all have are our political, religious and/or spiritual affiliations.

A note for heterosexual ladies: attending a sporting event with other single friends will surely net you a conversation with a stranger if nothing else since single women are usually in short supply.

Whether you are taking a couple of courses to upgrade, are a full-time university student or are passionate about tole painting, every community both large and small have courses you can take that will not only net you more knowledge but a whole new set of people to meet and interact with.

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