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Finding & boarding your train Luggage arrangements Hotels in Beijing Hotels in Shanghai Beijing metro map. Almost all Beijing-Shanghai trains now use Beijing South Station (Beijing Nan), 6km southwest of central Beijing.

One or two D & T category sleepers trains still use Beijing's main central station, as shown by the asterisk. Almost all Beijing-Shanghai trains now use Shanghai's new Hongqiao station, 18km from central Shanghai near the old airport.

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This page will show you what the trains are like, advise you on which class to travel in, and how to buy your ticket online or in person...Business class is expensive, even by western standards, but if you can stretch that far it's well worth it.There's a VIP lounge for business class passengers at Beijing South & Shanghai Hongqiao.D-category 250 km/h express sleeper trains have 4-berth soft sleepers & 2nd class seats, see photos & advice & watch the video guide.T-category classic sleeper train T109/T110 has soft & hard sleepers, soft & hard seats, 2-berth deluxe soft sleepers, see info & advice. Map of Shanghai showing stations Which station in Beijing?

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