Sphinx zodiac dating

This is a soul-seekers journey beyond time and space, woven into a pure allied consciousness of wisdom, compassion, and love.

It’s encompassed by the presence and grandness of the multitudes of galactic enlightened civilizations.

Today many people are seeking greater personal meaning and are being called home to these sacred places to actually experience divine principles and to connect with nature, ancient wisdom, and higher dimensions of awareness.

They know and feel that the repository of wisdom was encoded within their sacred space.

The few hotels we stayed at were also top of the line.

Overnight in Cairo (Meals on your own) Transfer to the Five Star Fairmont Heliopolis Towers Hotel by the Airport.

Relax and enjoy the hotel beautiful restaurants, shops and amenities.

Then, of course, Kryon channelling is given all along the way. “May you always drink from the Nile” Kryon Blessings, Lee Carroll …we have been guided to continue with Kryon for a second sacred tour to Egypt in April 2019.

Our new tour is in 2019 and a grand one that will include for the first time an excursion to Mt. This tour will include for the first time an excursion to Mt.

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