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In 2010, 86.3 percent of men and 89.4 percent of women still said they "intend to marry some day." Japanese women assuming a strong professional role is relatively new, and gender equality in the labor market is decades behind other advanced industrialized nations, Endo said.

But even though Japanese women are more and more highly educated and career-oriented, she said women 18- to 24-years-old have been expressing an increasing desire to become full-time housewives.

What the Japanese research shows The Japanese Family Planning Association has conducted this survey every two years since 2002, sending it to 3,000 people between 16 and 49. Both men and women were asked to rate how interested they are in having sex from Very Interested, Somewhat Interested, Not Very Interested, Not Interested at All, and I Feel an Aversion to It.

The percentage of women who responded they were not interested in sex at all or felt an aversion to it was 60.3 percent for ages 16-19 and 31.6 percent for ages 20-24.

In the corporate-centered society that catapulted Japan into a leading world economy after World War II, men would graduate from college with job offers from corporations that offered employment and benefits for life.And Japanese younger than 27 also are the first to come up in a very changed educational system, one that is no longer centered on competition.All of these things, she speculates, might create a "generational identity" that feels differently about sex than the older cohort.Endo helped Ansari and Klinenberg navigate the complex story of Japan’s changing relationship norms for .A 34-year-old single woman born and raised in Japan, she said it makes sense why she chose to focus on the identity of Japanese singles and their role in the economy at The New School for Social Research.

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