Steam web chat cam

If your microphone is properly installed, it will appear in the list of available sound devices.Click on the microphone you want to use, and choose “OK, I’m finished changing settings” once your done.Click this, and you’ll be taken to their stream inside the Steam client.To view other people’s public broadcasts who aren’t on your friends list, there are two options available.Next, click on the “Configure Microphone” link next to that box. Configuring your microphone in Steam is the same process as configuring it in Windows proper.To start, click on the “Change Device” button, which will take you to the Audio Control panel found in your current build of Windows.

If you’re unsure if your connection is fast enough, try several different bitrates to find the one that fits your connection best.To enable streaming, choose from one of the three following options.Now that you’re set up to broadcast, it’s time to configure the stream settings that fit your PC’s power and broadband speeds best.Hit the “OK” button, and all your settings will be automatically saved.Now any game you launch within Steam will automatically begin broadcasting.

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