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She was so entranced she followed him around for three weeks before even learning his name For the first time Job’s former lover, Chrisann, has laid bare the full truth about the co-founder of Apple and their often toxic relationship, from the moment they met age 17 in 1972, to the day of his premature death from cancer, age 56, in October 2011.In the excoriating account she recalls how Jobs aggressively denied paternity of their daughter, Lisa; how he involved attorneys to rubbish her reputation and even claimed infertility, until a DNA test in 1980 forced him to accept the truth.His birth mother took his adoptive parents, Clara and Paul Jobs, to court in an attempt to prevent them from taking him.She did not want him for herself but they didn’t fit the profile – Catholic and wealthy – of the couple she wanted for her son.‘Steve was teasing Lisa nonstop about her sexual aspirations…He was ridiculing her with sexual innuendos she wasn’t old enough to understand…. The stereotype of a cool New York sophisticate, he famously wears only black and has a minimalist philosophy so severe that friends recall visiting his mansion to find it virtually empty but for a picture of Einstein, a Tiffany lamp, a chair and a bed.

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A beautiful genius: Steve Jobs as he was when Chrisann Brennan, right, first caught sight of him at High School in Cupertino.

[Updated December 17, 2014] When a person with as big an impact on the world as Steve Jobs dies, you can’t help wondering about the legacy he left behind.

Obituaries always tell you that the deceased is “survived by” his or her loved ones. Steven Paul Jobs was born February 24, 1955 to Joanne Carol Schieble, an unwed mother who gave him up for adoption, being unable to care for him alone.

[on Charles Bubba Smith's death] Bubba was my friend.

His generosity was much larger than his physical stature.

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