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Paige talked about how much she enjoyed spending time with the other guys on the show.She said the romance was not there, but she still had fun with them on the dates.Even though fans mostly saw his bad boy image, he actually has a sweet side.Duke claims, “People didn’t see anything about the letters.Are you glad to see this couple still together and going strong?

He’s the only one I can’t stop thinking about, and it scares me.” Fortunately, the feelings were mutual.Paige was not surprised to see Bubba Thompson and Jeremiah Korfe as the final two guys on the show. Some fans have not been happy with Paige's choice, but she pointed out that it is a show and about finding true love. The two are spending time together now and even get to go to the American Country Music Awards this weekend.Paige has shared a lot of pictures on her Facebook page with Jeremiah.Paige plans to watch the new hit show "Southern Nights" which will feature a lot of her friends from her season of "Sweet Home Alabama" season 2.Jeremiah shared that he will just let Paige keep him updated on the show.

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